About the Artist

Camille Rendal originally from California she now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she works as a professional artist and educator. Camille was the head of sculpture and art programs at Central Michigan University and Front Range Community College in Colorado. She now teaches at colleges in the Santa Fe area as well as private classes.  As an educator she enjoys inspiring others to find their creative voices.

MFA degree: New Mexico State University-  in metalsmithing and sculpture.

BFA degree:  Otis Parsons Los Angeles – in painting and drawing.

Camille has been a professional artist for 30 years. Her fine art is in major corporate collections           (Merrill-Lynch, Columbia Pictures, Universal Studios, Toyota, Hilton etc). Her work is shown nationally and internationally.

Rendal works in a variety of media: metalsmithing, medallic art, sculpture, mixed media and painting. The media is chosen to suit the concept she investigating. “As a metalsmith and woodworker, I enjoy the alchemical transformation that the materials go through. Lately, my challenge to myself is to work more organically with the materials.”  Her works are inspired by the practices of metaphysics, astronomy, physics and alchemy, containing coded symbolism that is layered into each final piece.

When exploring this website, the viewer may notice that ravens are a recurrent theme in Camille’s jewelry, paintings and sculpture. “I began working on raven sculptures while living in New Mexico. The birds were present in remote areas, as well as along the highways. I also noticed the shreds of retread tires scattered along the highways – it was in this visual moment that I made the connection between the bird itself, and the material. I felt it aptly fit as a medium in the creation of these fascinating sculptural creatures. As I work on these pieces, I also find myself surrounded by ravens in daily life. Ravens are one of the most intelligent species of birds. They are a communal bird, that has the greatest vocalization of any animal, and are capable of using tools In Eastern and Native American myth they are a strong symbol of transformation, illusion and the afterlife. As an artist I create each raven in my work is imbued with a different personae and spirit. In their solidity of color  or lack thereof, they become objects of energy, thoughts, and mystery.”

“My hope is that all of my work evokes introspection and reflection. The works are collaboration between artist and viewer through the sharing of ideas; it encourages a dialogue that I find enriching. I enjoy that many of my works are not locked into a single interpretation.”

Camille’s  line of jewelry including belt buckles, currently being designed under the name RavenSaint. Selections of the RavenSaint belt buckles are on this site, under the jewelry/medals heading.

All works on Camille Rendal’s websites are under copyright protection. Artwork is available for purchase. Please feel free to contact the artist directly at camilleraven7@gmail.com